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  • How do I care for my new Windows & Doors?

​​​​       Click on the logo of the product that was installed to see the care instructions directly from the manufacturer.

  • What is cover under my warranty and where do I register for my warranty?                                                                                     Click on the logo of the product that was installed to see the warranty and registration information directly from the manufacturer.​

  • Why do windows or doors leak during severe weather events and can my impact-resistant glass break?

​​       Impact-resistant products are designed, tested and built to withstand certain conditions to provide reasonable storm protection.    

       Products are not considered "hurricane proof"

       Windows and Doors can leak during severe weather events. Although they should not necessarily leak, wind speed, duration,                direction, rain volume and other natural phenomena that accompany storms can all contribute to and increase the possibility of              leaks.

       Impact-resistant glass can break, but it is designed to remain in the frame. This prohibits wind, water and other debris from                    entering the structure and causing further - sometime catastrophic - damage.